The barong dance and lembongan island in bali

We had gone to Bali in December 2017 and there we went to many places like   a huge temple where tourists could see a traditional  dance called ‘barong dance’ about the good spirit ‘barong’  defeating the bad spirit ‘rangda’.                                  We also went to a island  called lembongan island . The water on the shores was very  clear.

IMG_20171227_084029 As you can see here, we were on a ship called ARISTOCAT.

We did banana boats and we loved the snorkeling experience.

So,  I did go to more places like:

1) bali zoo and marine park .

2) uluwatu temple, monkeyforest,etc.IMG_20171228_121937

The surprising call!

I was watching TV in the living room and the door bell rang ,my grandfather opened the door and went back to his room .  My mom was back home from work,she went to her room and freshened up.After that ,she called me to her room. She said that ,while she was  creating a important document ,and  suddenly her phone rang,”thunder, fell the thunder  ah,lightning tha,tha, thunder …..(that is her ringtone ) .When she answered it the caller asked ‘hello, are you Shriya’s mom?My mom replied,”yes , who is it?” The guy said “I am from Byju’s and we  wanted to inform you that Shriya has been using Byju’s a lot recently  and we want to meet her on Saturday at12:00 if possible “,how exciting is that? Actually very exciting! My mom said ……YES! And that is just tomorrow, SQUEEEEEE!